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Our vision is to create a positive global impact through random acts of kindness, conscientious travel, and support of organizations inspiring positive change throughout the world.


KindSpread was the brainchild of two individuals with a vision for spreading more kindness throughout the world. The goal is simply to inspire people to make a positive difference. It begins with simple acts of kindness.... and expands into conscientious travel and support of organizations that are making a positive impact.

The original concept of KindSpread was to track the ripple effect (the "pay it forward" factor) of a singular kind act. We realized how impactful it can be when someone shows kindness to another person, and how it often inspires them to do the same. However, we realized that we could make an even bigger impact by partnering with organizations that were doing amazing things in our communities and throughout the globe. With our new concept, the ripples of kindness could extend even further!


*This video was our original concept for KindSpread back in 2016, before we expanded to include KindTravel. This concept was simply tracking the ripple effect of kind acts. Our initiative has grown so much since then! But, it's fun to remember our roots. :)


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